Unique and Whimsical Wedding Save the Dates

Congratulations! You’ve selected the date, booked the church and the reception hall, and now you can start thinking about the guest list. Whether your wedding will be a grand affair, or just a simple gathering, you will want all of your favorite people to be there.

It’s expected that you will save your best for your special day; but, in today’s busy world, saving the date of your wedding with your future guests is very important. Saving your date provides that little extra insurance that your future guests will have the time to make travel arrangements or alter any scheduling conflicts. Instead of sending their best wishes, they are more likely to actually attend your wedding and see you at your best!

Unlike the standard 4-6 week advance notice of a formal invitation, Save The Dates can be given out up to one year in advance of the actual wedding. So why not send out LilSweetHearts Photo Save the Date cards or magnets today? What are you waiting for? Your guests will appreciate the advance notice and you will know that your wedding date is securely recorded on their calendars.

LilSweetHearts Photo Save the Date cards and magnets include a wedding portrait made from your childhood pictures! Friends and family love to receive these cool and unique reminders of your special day. For more information, contact us at sales@afavor4u.com.