best jewelry cleaning

Best Practice to Buy and Care Fashion Jewelry Online

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best jewelry cleaning

How to do Jewelry Care

To maintain the original beauty of your jewelry, we recommend cleaning the piece with a soft, damp cloth. To prevent damage to other stones from harsh silver cleaner, sterling silver components may be cleaned with a silver polish cloth.

The optimum method of protection is to store your sterling silver jewelry in plastic bags. This method of storage prevents air from reaching the silver jewelry, therefore protecting the piece from oxidation. To prevent breakage, do not roll up tightly.

When storing other jewelry, hang or lay flat. Do not bend or roll up. This will prevent breakage of the piece. Our jewelry is created to last, however, our unique jewelry cannot be responsible for the improper care of jewelry.

For more information of how to clean jewelry, please refer to where you can find some detailed and ultimate guide and reviews of some best jewelry cleaners to help you care jewelry in professional ways.