Sew in Lace Closure-A Quick Solution for Hair Loss

Sew in closure piece is a perfect solution for hair loss problem. Actually, hair loss is a common issue people face nowadays, due to various factors, e.g stress, air pollution, or improper hair care etc. There are many ways to rescue hair loss and get recovery to normal. Either chemical spray or any other medicines might result some side effect on your health at the same time of treating hair loss. Additionally, treating in this way also takes long time and not ideal solution to reverse your hair loss dilemma in short period.

sew in closure human hair

Closure hair is customized to fit your head shape and sewn in a square of silk lace, e,g Swiss lace, France lace or super Swiss lace etc. According to lace size difference, lace closure hair can have 4 by 4 inches square, 5 by 5 inches square. If you have specific size request, you can customize square size from seller. In addition to square size, hair extensions length can also be picked for your own favorite length style. Most of closure extension sellers have multiple length in stock from as short as 8 inch to over 30 inch long.

Sew in lace closure also have Brazilian hair, Indian Remy hair, Malaysian hair and Chinese hair. Obviously, closure hair extensions made with real human hair has more premium qualities over synthetic ones. You can have freedom to style your hair extensions to naturally blend with your own hair.

There are also many types of lace closure on the market. It is strongly suggested to have thorough research on what types of closure best adapt to your hair style and meanwhile, there is no worse on your hair loss. If your lace closure extension have caused further loss on your hair, you should stop wearing it immediately and consult your local hair stylist. Never put on lace closure back until you have enough confidence to convince yourself without further hair loss.

Lace closure is actually a quick solution for your hair loss or bald on scalp. It is best to recover your overall appearance instantly, which is especially useful if you have any public event or party to participate. However, wearing lace closure often might not be helpful to get your natural hair back from hair loss. Isolating bald scalp from air might not be good for blood circle and hair regrowth. If you are serious of your hair beauty, you are supposed to get well known what really caused hair loss firstly, then treat it accordingly. You should also bear in mind that recovering from hair loss might take a few months time as hair regrowth has its own life circle.

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